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This is how Canada is wishing Drake a happy 33rd birthday

Canada's favourite rapper is celebrating his 33rd birthday today, along with all his loyal fans, who are making sure to celebrate in their own way too. 

Although today is his actual birthday, the Toronto-native held his official mobster-themed party earlier this week at a nightclub in Los Angeles. 

Judging by the fact that even Drake's ex Rihanna showed up as well as the fact that the night ended with ordering McDonald’s french fries and chicken nuggets to the club, I think it's safe to say the party was a success. 

Drake also received a super extravagant gift from fellow rapper French Montana in honour of his big day. 

The musician presented Drake with a diamond-encrusted cuff that spells out his name, on which he claims to have spent a whopping $175,000. 

Drake showed off the sparkly bracelet on his Instagram story early today. 

drake birthdayBut celebrities aren't the only ones raising a glass to Drake today — many of the rapper's fans are taking to social media to celebrate artist. 

Some are using the opportunity to ask for new music.

And others are using the occasion to celebrate some of his greatest hits.

And let's not forget those who are making sure to point out where Drake got his start.

Some are even saying Drake's birthday should be considered a Canadian national holiday. 

But regardless of how fans are choosing to celebrate this special day, I think it's safe to say everyone agrees Drake deserves the happiest of birthdays.

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