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Canada is obsessed with videos of moose right now

Given Canada's apparent obsession with moose, there's no wonder people think Canadians ride around on the giant animals as a mode of transport (and also live in igloos and own pet beavers, but those rumours are beside the point).

Residents from coast to coast have had a lot of weird, up-close-and-personal interactions with moose lately — and a proclivity for whipping out their phones to catch said interactions on film.

Canadians have long been warned to keep an eye out for moose on roads due to how massive they are. Hit one, and you're both basically toast.

But what happens when the moose approaches you to lick the salt off of your car?

It is hard not to want to get close to the gigantic, arresting creatures, though. Just look at their awkward, skinny legs! And their majestic dangly neck skin! (Which is technically called a dewlap, for all you moose nerds out there.)

But please do resist the urge to get too close — exceptions granted for when a moose pays a personal visit to your front porch — because even if they seem cute, docile and friendly, adults can grow up to 2.1 m in height AT THE SHOULDER and weigh up to 700 kg.

And that's no surprise, given that the animals can eat upwards of 33 kg of food a day during some months, no problem. And yeah, they really do have a thing with tasting cars...

A run-in with a female is slightly less intimidating, as they are sans the antlers of their male counterparts.

Moose antlers are velvety in texture and are actually called paddles, and they shed them every winter of adulthood. 

And apparently, they can lead to some pretty gruesome fights, but also some pretty hilarious antics:

Whether they're being terrifying or silly, making you nervous or making you laugh, we must admit that we're fortunate to have these creatures around — and that we get to witness them doing the weird, endearing moosey stuff that they do.

Lead photo by

Ivars Krutainis

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