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This zoo in Canada is now home to two adorably chubby Pallas's cats

Two new chunky Pallas's cat sisters have found a home at the Calgary Zoo, and social media users are having a field day over how adorable they are. 

The zoo posted photos of one of the cats to both their Twitter and Instagram feeds yesterday afternoon. 

"We are thrilled to announce we have 2 new cats!" they wrote.

"Pallas's cat sisters, Nox [and] Pema, have joined the Calgary Zoo family. They were introduced to their habitat at the end of Oct [and] we have finally managed to capture this elusive cat on camera! Stop by [and] see if you can spot them."

Pallas's cats are native to the mountainous regions of Central Asia, and they're known for looking grumpy and crabby at all times. 

In their natural habitat, the cats are quite elusive and live in remote areas, according to the Calgary Zoo, so seeing them in person is a rare opportunity. 

The zoo also said their population is near threatened and decreasing. 

The Calgary Zoo was once home to a male Pallas's cat named Igor. He died at the end of last year at the age of  11.5, which is the top end of life expectancy in captivity.

Now Nox and Pema are the new cats in town, and everyone seems to love them already. 

The cats' signature stocky posture and dense fur add to their chunky and round appearance, and some social media users are commenting on this fact. 

"Wow what cute chubby cats!" one Instagram user wrote.

"Why does this look like me when someone unexpectedly knocks on the door of my house," someone else joked.

Others are saying they look like something out of a storybook. 

Many are saying they can't wait to visit the new sisters at the zoo.

"Can't wait to visit them in Jan. Beyond excited!!" one Instagrammer wrote. 

"What an amazing addition!" another commented.

The adorable sisters came to Calgary from Utah's Hogle Zoo at the end of October, and they now reside in the zoo's Eurasia habitat

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Calgary Zoo

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