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Ikea is now selling designer goods in Canada and people lined up all night to get them

IKEA products aren't usually considered cool. They're smart, practical, and affordable. But the Swedish company got an injection of drip with their latest collaboration. 

Canadians have been lined up all night to get their hands on the MARKERAD collection they designed with renowned tastemaker Virgil Abloh.

The line is only available in-store, and there's a limited amount of products. The collection features bags, rugs, and even a tool set. Many are marked with Abloh's signature quotation marks around blocky words. 

Some say it's genius, others think it's fake deep, but there's no doubt that it's trendy.

Demand is high and the lines are long for these items. 

One store is opening late today because its employees are trying to get the goods.

The cold has also been a challenge for eager shoppers.

As it often goes with new releases, the lines can get out of hand.

Some people gave up before they even tried.

No doubt, some shoppers will hold onto their designer IKEA rug for a long time, but the re-sellers have already begun posting their prizes, and they're not shy about marking up the price.

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