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Here's what both sides are saying about the Jess Allen controversy on The Social

Between the commotion following Don Cherry's poppy comments on Hockey Night in Canada and the tension after the almost equally controversial response from The Social's Jess Allen, it's been a dramatic few days for Canadian TV-watchers. 

Cherry was famously fired from his long-time Saturday night slot on the Sportsnet hockey show on Monday after he seemed to accuse newcomers to Canada of not properly honouring Remembrance Day (though he went on to say that he wasn't just referring to immigrants... or at least, not exclusively immigrants of colour).

A day later, CTV's The Social cast member Jess Allen ironically made some questionable remarks of her own when speaking about the Cherry news, calling out the rich, mean, "white boys" of Canadian hockey culture, of which she said Cherry is a perfect example.

This caused a second wave of backlash within less than two days that is persisting on, causing us all to wonder how much more our Canadian hearts can take.

It seems that, like Cherry, Allan has her fair share of both advocates and adversaries, with many viewers calling for her dismissal from CTV in light of Cherry's forced departure from Sportsnet.

People seem to feel that the comments of both parties were similarly discriminatory and inappropriate, though one rant was aimed at traditionally oppressed groups, and one, not so much.

Everyone and their grandmother seems to have an opinion on the topic, so the discussion has, understandably, been extremely divisive and very much at the forefront of Canadian social discourse for the past few days.

Some have agreed with Don's views on the fact that not enough "people who come here" wore poppies this year, and others acknowledged Allan's point that hockey culture in Canada can be a bit white bro-y.

Many vehemently disagreed with one or the other (or both), with a few even turning it into an issue of political affiliation or gender.

The drama is clearly ongoing and is creating a lot of tension, but it has at least made us assess the ethos behind our national sport and the core of our Canadianism. 

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