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The rainbow poppy in Canada is getting a lot of people upset

A rainbow poppy is suddenly in the spotlight this year in Canada, in advance of Remembrance Day, and some Canadians are taking offence to it. Others say it's all just a bunch of fake news.

As the story goes, the design of the rainbow poppy was initiated by a U.K. poet, Trudy Howson, back in 2016. This year, a different take on the alternative poppy design was popping up on Etsy U.K.

The design is meant to bring more awareness to the mistreatment of LGBTQ+ soldiers who have fought and died in combat.

Talk of the U.K. trend made its way over to Canada when a former Conservative MP candidate tweeted that her 17-year-old cousin had been suspended from her school in Stonewall, Man., for refusing to wear rainbow poppies. 

"My 17 year old cousin was suspended today... want to know why? Her choir teacher was demanding that the choir wear rainbow poppies during their performance in the Remembrance Day ceremony. She and another student rejected that idea, and both were suspended for “hate speech,” Cyara Bird said in the tweet on Tuesday. 

The school board belonging to the school in question, Stonewall Collegiate, tweeted out a statement in response. 

Interlake School Divison said that the school, Stonewall Collegiate, did not direct or mandate any of their students to wear a rainbow poppy.

The exchange sparked outrage and confusion on social media, and even a petition asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to 'Stop the Rainbow Poppys' started to circulate.

The petition currently has over 1,000 signatures, and as it stands, the rainbow poppies aren't currently available in Canada.

Many Canadians went on social media to defend the colourful poppies, but a number of people still were not on board.

Some think the traditional red poppy does enough in the area of representing all soldiers. Others are in agreement that the rainbow poppy makes the poppy more universal,but others think that it should just come down to personal choice.

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