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Canadians are relieved Netflix isn't getting rid of Friends north of the border

Today, Americans have one more reason to want to flee to Canada (and this one has nothing to do with Donald Trump.)

Yes, we are the land of free healthcare, where delicious maple syrup and magical moose abound — and, we also have Friends on Netflix.

Sadly for those south of the border, the beloved '90s sitcom was officially removed from the popular streaming service today.

Netflix paid $100 million for the rights to the show back in 2015, but has was outbid by WarnerMedia this past summer.

The entertainment giant — which is comprised of HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. — will offer all 10 seasons of Friends on its new streaming platform, HBO Max. Unfortunately, the service doesn't launch until May 2020.

Even though HBO Max is U.S.-based, it will be available in Canada later this year through Bell as part of Crave TV, which already offers HBO content.

Max programming will include such buzzed-about debuts as a Gossip Girl spinoff series and a show about the Green Lantern from DC Comics.

Unfortunately, it looks like we will eventually lose popular favourites like The Office, as it is slated to become available exclusively through NBCUniversal's new streaming service, Peacock, which is coming to the U.S. in April and in Canada sometime thereafter.

The Office will remain on Netflix on both sides of the border until January 2021, when the existing licensing deal for the show expires.

The two shows are the most-viewed on the streaming platform, so their loss is a significant blow. But, it is the way of the business these days, with more and more services emerging to stake their claim on in-demand content.

Until the next big news about which series is being removed or rehomed breaks, we can take to our couches and enjoy the fact that we've still got at least one of our favourites (for now).

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