gander fire department

These firetrucks in Canada just put on an epic holiday lights display

A fire department in a small town in northwestern Newfoundland is going viral for its holiday spirit.

Gander Fire & Rescue took its Christmas decorating to another, much more theatrical level this year when it created a video of its firetrucks lighting up to the tune of Carol of the Bells by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

The well-choreographed routine commences with local police performing a fake check of the area and giving the all clear before the fire station's doors roll up to show off the vehicles' perfectly-timed festive illumination.

The original video, posted to Facebook on Wednesday, has been viewed nearly 70,000 times and shared around 2,000 times and counting. The team reposted it as their Facebook cover, which garnered an additional 78,000 views and 2,500 shares.

People showed their appreciation for the display, calling it well-orchestrated, fantastic, beautiful, and more. Many gave their thanks to the crew for their service to the community, and some even said the video gave them all the feels and made them cry.

The post, which adorably wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a "safe and enjoyable holiday season," seemed to be the dose of heartwarming holiday joy everyone needed.

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Gander Fire/Rescue

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