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The husband in the viral Peloton ad is actually Canadian

The now viral Peloton stationary bike ad, which garnered a lot of negative attention on social media over the last week, has reveled it has some Canadian connections.

Vancouver-based gym teacher, Sean Hunter, plays the husband who gifts his wife a Peloton bike, which many have dubbed misogynistic and even dystopian in nature.

The ad starts by showing Hunter as the husband gift a Peloton bike to his wife, who then spends time vlogging her usage of it as a way of thanking her Husband for the gift. 

In an interview with Global News, Hunter said that ever since the ad blew up on social media he started receiving a wave of hurtful messages.

“I (was like), ‘whoa, these are harsh things that are not associated with my character and not associated with me in any way,'” he said to Global News, adding some of the messages have been threatening.

Some of the reviews of the 30 second ad, which now has over seven million views, described the narrative in the commercial as being an unhealthy illustration of a relationship.

While Hunter has been receiving some hate over the commercial, he now seems to be making light of situation after changing his Instagram user name to "peloton husband"

Hunters co-star, Monica Ruiz, also seems to be bouncing back after the wave of negative responses to the ad, all thanks to fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds.

Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin

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Reynolds was quick on his feet after the original Peloton ad took off, and used the opportunity to poke fun at the marketing blunder while also advertising his own product, Aviation Gin.

In the Aviation Gin ad, the Peloton wife is seen drinking with two other women while she has the same kind-of-worried look on her face, which many pointed out in the original commercial as being a red flag. 

She toasts to new beginnings before drinking her gin, hinting that the Peloton marrige is over.

After the Aviation Gin ad surfaced, Hunter responded by saying "Guess the bike is mine now...?"

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