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People are loving Jagmeet Singh's new parka

Photos of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh wearing his new custom-made parka are quickly circulating online, and everyone is loving it. 

He wore the coat during his first trip to Nunavut with newly-elected MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq earlier this week, who was also given her own custom coat. 

Both jackets were made by Nunavut's Marlene Watson, an Inuk seamstress who’s previously worked with Canada Goose to create original parkas with Inuit detailing, according to HuffPost.

Watson also made a custom parka for Justin Trudeau when he was first elected back in 2015. 

Singh came to Nunavut to announce Qaqqaq's new position as the NDP's Indigenous affairs critic.

He also met with locals to discuss particular issues affecting residents of the area, attended a Christmas Craft Fair at Inukshuk High School, visited the Tammattaavik Boarding Home, watched the QPI and RL Hanson hockey game and more. 

During his trip to Nunavut, Singh and Qaqqaq also posted a short tiktok of themselves dancing to a song called Tuktu Strut.

According to HuffPost, Qaqqaq told Watson Singh would be visiting Nunavut and requested she make one of her custom jackets for him as well as for herself. She let Watson decide the design but requested they both be in NDP colours.

The result is two bright orange jackets with fur trim and beautifully-delicate detailing. 

Qaqqaq's coat has a bit of seal skin on it, and both bear the NDP logo on the back with Inuktitut script that reads "Ililnnut piliriavit," which means "In it for you" — the NDP slogan.

Photos of the beautifully-made parkas are making their way around the world wide web, and many are praising Watson for her work.

"Those are beautiful parkas," one twitter user wrote of the coats. 

"These parkas are super stunning," another user said. "It’s beautiful to see our NDP leader and one of our youngest MPs together in these shots. High hopes for both in the upcoming Parliamentary term! Plus they will be cozy!"

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Aaron W

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