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Here's what everyone is saying about that Justin Trudeau skit on SNL

The video of Trudeau talking smack about Trump to other world leaders has now been seen all over the world, and it even inspired a hilarious SNL skit this past weekend. 

The skit features celebrity comedians playing the implicated world leaders including Jimmy Fallon as Trudeau, Paul Rudd as French President Emmanuel Macron, and James Corden as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Together, the three world leaders are portrayed as "the cool kids" who won't let Trump (played by Alec Baldwin, of course) sit with them in the cafeteria. 

"Some dismissed it as petty high school gossip," the narrator states during the skit's intro, "but you should have seen what happened in the NATO cafeteria."

The skit goes on to point out the irony of Johnson's inclusion in the conversation considering his fairly close relationship with Trump, and it also shows the Trudeau character making fun of Trump's appearance and intelligence. 

The original video surfaced last week after Trudeau, Johnson, Princess Anne, Macron and Dutch PM Mark Rutte were caught on film gossiping about Trump's press etiquette. 

The SNL skit has been widely shared since it aired on Saturday night, confirming that the world is laughing at the show's portrayal of the controversial incident. 

Some are saying the skit accurately says exactly what the rest of the world was already thinking. 

While others are calling it a can't-miss. 

Some are wondering what Trump thinks of the whole ordeal considering he's been fairly silent on the issue since he called Trudeau two-faced last week. 

And others are wondering if Trudeau really is the head of "the cool kids" when it comes to world leaders. 

But no matter what viewers think of the skit, one thing is for sure: In the words of Daily Show host Trevor Noah, "when world leaders get together, they’re gossipy bitches just like the rest of us."

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