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People making fun of city in Canada for being prize on the Price is Right

When most people think of the prizes from the long-running TV show The Price is Right, they may think of iconic former host Bob Barker yelling "a new car" or a model perched atop a shiny jetski. What they don't likely think of is a trip to Prince George — a small, fairly unremarkable city in central B.C.

But, that was the unexpected prize a contestant on the show received last month.

Stephen Witka, a Californian, was perfectly happy with his prize, which included a six-night stay for two at Prince George's Prestige Treasure Cove Hotel, a tour of the city by limo, and a $500 credit at a local bar and restaurant.

That was, he was excited until a number of Prince Georgers took to social media to dull the shine of their home city, making fun of the fact that a visit there would ever be a prize on any show.

Some also pointed out that in the Price is Right's video montage referring to the city, a photo of the scenic and better-known Lake Louise, Alberta was mistakenly shown on the screen.

Fortunately, a number of local businesses have stepped in to defend Prince George's honour, offering Witka nature walks, racetrack tours, winery visits and more. Among them is a local casino that has offered the contestant a helicopter tour to see Lake Louise, a full province away.

Casino staff told the CBC the free tour is an effort to turn around the "negative stigma" of the city and make up for the upsetting comments that they saw online.

Though it's sad to see so many without pride for their city, hopefully at least some of the locals can give Witka a good time in Prince George — and hopefully it transcends the bad reputation that precedes it.

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