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Squirrel in Canada takes video of himself climbing up a tree

A Montreal vlogger tricked a squirrel into carrying a GoPro camera all the way up the trunk of a tree, and the resulting footage takes the viewer on a ride from the animal's perspective.

According to Global News, David Freiheit wanted to see if a squirrel would carry his camera up the tree so he decided to attach a cashew to his GoPro with a rubber band and placed it at the stump.

After a short wait, one of the city's many squirrels showed up to claim the snack. 

He proceeded to grab the nut and climb up the tree, and the GoPro went with him. 

Video footage shows two squirrels eyeing the tasty treat before one snatches it up and scurries off in a vertical direction. 

Once at the top, the curious critter stops for a short minute and takes in the view. 

Not long after, the GoPro falls to the ground without sustaining any damage at all. 

The latest GoPro model is extremely small, measuring only 2.61 inches along its largest side, which explains why the rodent was capable of carrying it with such ease. 

Freiheit told Storyful this wasn't the first time he's tried an experiment of this kind, according to Global, but it is the first time it's worked. 

In the past he used peanut butter as bait, but clearly a whole nut is the key component. 

Freiheit also said he was lucky to "get a hand" on the camera before it hit the ground, successfully capturing the footage he desired without damaging the pricey GoPro.

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Global News

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