snow doors

Canadians are posting photos of snow doors online and the images are shocking

A blizzard is wreaking havoc through parts of Newfoundland and people are starting to post photos of 'snow doors', showing just how much snow has already accumulated.

Avalon Peninsula, Clarenville and vicinity, and Bonavista Peninsula are all getting hit the hardest, with snowfall amounts expected to reach  35 to 75 cm. 

The photos show what destined shovelers are faced with the moment they open the door, and it's not a pretty sight. 

Some photos show a perfect imprint of doors in the snow which is both satisfying and terrifying at the same time.

St. John's issued a state of emergency just after 11 a.m local time due to the snowfall. Snow is expected to stay heavy throughout the day, according to Environment Canada, but will get lighter though the night.

All businesses in St.John's were ordered to close and all vehicles are ordered off the road except emergency vehicles. 

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