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Everyone was loving Dan and Eugene Levy at the SAG Awards

The 26th annual SAG Awards aired live Sunday evening with endless high-profile celebrity awards and appearances, but it seems the wonderfully Canadian father-son Levy duo completely stole the show. 

The show began as it does every year, with a select few performers telling stories of how they got into the business ending with the line: "I am an actor."

The camera first focused on Christina Applegate as she told her story, followed by Cynthia Erivo.

Then it was Eugene Levy's turn, and he took the opportunity to ramble on and on about growing up in Hamilton, Ont. — calling it "the Pittsburgh of the north." 

Eugene continued on about how the most popular actor from his hometown was the guy who played Mr. Whipple in a series of toilet paper commercials, before his son and Schitt's Creek co-star Dan Levy interrupted to tell him he was talking too much. 

"You've taken three times as long as everybody else and you're still not finished," he said to his father. "My story's complex," the senior Levy replied. 

Dan then told his father he talked so much that he took up all of Tom Hanks' time, to which Eugene replied that he's "a good guy" and that "he'll take it well." A shot of Hanks' face, however, said quite the opposite. 

Dan and Eugene then kicked off the show as the first announcers of the night, and the two made sure to clarify that they were not the hosts and would not being paid for the gig. 

The two eventually graced the audience with their presence once again as they presented the final award of the night, for best ensemble in a motion picture, to Parasite.

The father-son duo certainly got many laughs during their screen time, and they appear to have been the favourites of the night.

Many are saying they'd actually like to see them host an award show in the future. 

Or all the award shows, for that matter. 

Some are even saying they should win an award simply for their performance on last night's show. 

Meanwhile, many are saying they can seriously relate to Dan's second-hand embarrassment over his father's long-winded stories. 

And others are saying they'd love to witness a holiday in the Levy household. 

But whichever way you spin it, it's certainly fair to say the Levy men made Canada proud at the 26th annual SAG Awards. 

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