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A group of knitters in Canada left bags of hats and scarves for people in need

Colder weather is expected to hit Kingston Ontario later this week, and a local group of knitters are making sure some of  the city's vulnerable people can keep warm. 

SABLE, a weekly fibre group in Kingston that meets to share patterns and knit various projects, left knitted hats and scarves around the city free for the taking. 

 Joy McBride, a member of the group, spoke with 98.3 FLY FM about the project. She said the group has left over 80 pieces in the community for people who need warm pieces of clothing during the winter months. 

Dozens of items were left attached to a fence in McBurney Park in Kingston. Each item was placed in a plastic bag and had a short note attached. 

"I'm not lost. If you're cold and need this piece of clothing to stay warm, please take it. Hand knitted with love and good wishes," each bag reads. 

The group said in a post on Facebook that they hope their initiative inspires other knitters to do the same.

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