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This is how much security for Harry and Meghan could cost Canadian taxpayers

The idea of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, moving to Canada looks like it'll become a reality, which has some Canadians shaking off the excitement and instead thinking more critically about the logistics of it all.

The Globe and Mail spoke to intelligence and security expert, Chris Mathers, who estimated the security measures required for the Duke and Duchess would be similar to those given to the Prime Minister, but more costly because they would have to be set up from scratch.

He estimates that security costs could be more than $10 million annually. 

It was first reported by the London Evening Standard that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had agreed that Canada should foot the bill for the couple's round-the-clock protection while they are in the country.

According to the Evening Standard, Trudeau privately assured the Queen that Harry, Meghan and Archie's safety will not be jeopardised while they reside in Canada.

Early reports said the move would cost Canadians over $1 million annually. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office has since said that "there are still many discussions to be had" about who would be covering the costs of security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their time spent in Canada.

Regardless of the supposed cost, Canadians are really upset by the thought of having to foot the royal security bill with their tax dollars. 

Many are quick to point out systemic issues that could be better tackled through an increase in funding, and housing royals is not on the list. 

Others are confused by the security costs, as the royal couple did say they were working on becoming financially independent while stepping away from their roles as "senior royals".

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation launched a petition opposing taxpayer support for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

"Everyone wishes Meghan and Harry all the best in becoming financially independent, but we need to be clear about one thing: Canadian taxpayers shouldn't have to cover their bills," said CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. 

The petition has already garnered thousands of signatures.

People are also pointing out that both Harry and Meghan have private "fortunes" and think they should cover any costs associated with their eventual move to Canada.

Some are still keen on the royal couple calling Canada their new home, however. 

Not everyone is as bothered by the rumoured cost for Canada to provide a security detail, and think the couple making the move to Canada would do some greater good.

On Monday the Queen issued a statement confirming that Prince Harry and Meghan will spend time in both Canada and the U.K. during a "period of transition."

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