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Trudeau spoke about Brexit but Canadians are more concerned with his beard

This morning, Justin Trudeau spoke about Canada's future in the wake of Brexit — but nobody cared, because Canadians were too busy staring at his beard.

Canadians have been obsessed with Trudeau's beard for a while, but this is the first time that it's genuinely distracted people from politics.

Trudeau addressed an important topic in the video.

But Canadians just couldn't pay attention.

One woman compared the Prime Minister's beard to another Canadian celebrity's facial hair.

And she wasn't the only one comparing Trudeau to Bieber.

This user wanted to send Trudeau a razor.

And it isn't the first time Trudeau's beard has preoccupied Canadians.

As this Canadian woman points out, the country is just a little bit obsessed.

Canadians also commented on Conservative front-runner Peter MacKay's hair in his Brexit tweet — so maybe our country is just obsessed with how politicians groom themselves.

Hopefully Trudeau will be able to enjoy his beard and Winnipeg doughnuts in peace eventually.

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Justin Trudeau

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