winter in canada

This is what winter in Canada looks like so far

Winter has officially set in across Canada, though it feels like it never really left in some regions across the country. Despite cold and harsh weather, the winter months in this country are really some of the most picturesque of the year.

Snowy landscapes and frozen lakes are among some of the things that make this season so special, not to mention prime skiing and snow boarding conditions. 

In the east, snow supply is not an issue with many winter storms hitting hard in Atlantic provinces. In Nova Scotia for instance, snow blankets trees and trails, making coastal hikes a winter wonderland. 

In Prince Edward Island the snow filled backdrop makes the colourful city of Charlottetown stand out even more.

Winter storms have brought over 40 cm of snow in some parts of Newfoundland, but that doesn't stop vibrant cities within the province from shining.

Despite all the snow in this photo, this cabin in New Brunswick looks so cozy.

Quebec is looking like a holiday card with century-old snow covered buildings as a backdrop.

In northern Ontario, Lake Superior keeps things frigid in the city of Thunder Bay. It's also the time of year where the iconic land mass, the Sleeping Giant, gets covered in bright white snow, making it standout even more on the dark lake. 

Southern Ontario is a bit of a different story when it comes to snow, but in Toronto the odd snowstorm accompanied by some freezing temperatures still hit from time to time. 

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In Manitoba, the provincial capital is blanketed in snow and has it share of freezing cold weather, but that doesn't stop photographers from finding all the best angles of this wintery city. 

Further west, the prairies is full of vast land now covered in snow, but the sun still manages to peak through the cold sky from time to time. This stunning picture of the sun breaking behind a barn seems very on brand for Regina. 

In Alberta, the surrounding mountains and lakes are looking even more beautiful as they've changed from the summer's green and blue tones to icy and white scenes for the winter. This photo of frozen Lake Minnewanka doesn't even look real.

While some areas in British Colombia stay rainy and damp over the winter months, other parts of the vast province experience beautiful snowfalls, dusting surrounding trees and mountains. 

In the north, cold temperatures put the rest of the county to shame and the winter landscapes are arguably some of the most breathtaking too. This picture of the sun peaking through the Tombstone Mountains in the Yukon is just one example of some of the breathtaking winter scenes up north.

In the North West Territories, pastel skies make for even more lovely winter views.

In Nunavut the views aren't the only nice part about the winter season, the activities look pretty fun too. This pictures show some skidoo racing action under pink and purple skies. 

If all these photos get you in the mood to enjoy the outdoors in the winter months, don't forget to check out some national parks and the most Canadian outdoor activities

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George Hornaday in Toronto

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