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The boiling water challenge has gone viral in Canada this winter but beware of the burns

We all know it can get pretty cold during the winter in Canada, and it's not always easy to find something to do in -40 C weather. 

Many Canadians are therefore choosing to take advantage of the bitter cold by trying out the boiling water challenge. 

The challenge requires you to bring a container full of boiling water outside on a particularly frigid day and throw it in the air. 

The hot water instantly freezes when hitting the cold and often creates an especially cool design in the air. 

But you may not want to try it at home, because the boiling water challenge can actually be quite dangerous. 

Depending on how you throw the water and the direction of the wind, it's possible for the hot water to burn you before it has a chance to freeze. 

American news outlets have even reported an increase of people showing up to the emergency room with burns since the challenge gained popularity.

So you may not want to actually give the challenge a go, but you can still appreciate the many videos of Canadians trying the boiling water challenge without injuring themselves in the process. 

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