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Canadian woman who learned English from Jeopardy! will now compete on the show

A Canadian woman that learned English from the popular television game show Jeopardy! will now compete on the show Tuesday evening.

Calgary local Kristyna Ng immigrated from China to Canada at the age of eight.

Ng initially used reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias to learn English, but she eventually turned to an unexpected source: Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy!

Ng — who now works as a corporate strategist for the City of Calgary — said the show shaped her life.

"It was a soundtrack of my life," said Ng, speaking to CTV news. "Jeopardy really elevated my English skills because you had to listen to what the clue was, then you had to recall from the back your brain, what is it that it is asking?"

She and her husband Ritchie spend vacations on cruise ships, where they hone their trivia skills.

"Here's the funny trivia fact, we met on the Diamond Princess, which is on the same ship that's quarantine right now in Yokohama," said Ng. "How I got started on the road to trivia and Jeopardy was through cruise trivia."

"My strengths are history, geography, food. I love food, travel, world capitals. So that is my strength."

The episode Ng is competing in airs tonight, Tues, February 11.

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