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Hollywood filmmaker behind Independence Day is making his next three movies in Canada

Montreal undoubtedly makes for a wonderful backdrop for movies of all kinds, which is a good thing considering at least three new Hollywood movies are guaranteed to be filmed there. 

International filmmaker Roland Emmerich has agreed to shoot his next three movies in and around the Canadian city. 

Quebec Premier François Legault and Emmerich announced the conclusion of an agreement today, which states that Centropolis Entertainment, Emmerich's production company, will shoot its next three feature films in Quebec and bring about 3,200 jobs to the province.

Emmerich, who is originally from Germany, is behind major movie successes such as Independence Day, Godzilla, 2012, The Patriot and, most recently, Midway — which was filmed in Montreal. 

According to a news release, his films have brought in more than $4 billion worldwide. 

The production cost of Emmerich's next three films is estimated to be around US$400 million, and the productions will employ approximately 800 full-time people and 2,400 part-time people in Quebec. 

Positions will be available for actors, extras, production workers and technicians, as well as construction workers.

The first of the three films, titled Moonfall, is set to begin filming in Montreal in the spring. 

"Quebec is the best place to make films and I love filming in Montreal. It's a city well suited to filmmakers that offers all the resources I need, whether it's its world-class talent pool with the best production teams and the best craftsmen, or its high-quality production facilities," Emmerich said in a statement.

"As I am German, I almost feel at home. In North America, it is the city that most resembles Europe, with remarkable restaurants for an off-site meeting with the team, or cultural nightlife for rest periods. My team at Centropolis Entertainment and I are delighted to be creating our next feature film series here and we thank Premier Legault and the Government of Quebec for their support."

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