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The new Jurassic World movie is filming in Canada right now

Rumours are swirling about some filming that is taking place on Vancouver Island right now.

Residents have been spotting signs around the island's MacMillan Provincial Park stating that production company Gramercy Film Productions has been filming in the Cathedral Grove area of the park.

"Some of the trails in the park may be sporadically closed for 3 to 10 minute intervals if a drone is in use," one of the signs reads. "Thank you for your cooperation and support of the B.C. Film Industry."

The Burnaby-based Gramercy is currently filming Jurassic World 3 — tentatively named Arcadia — according to IMDB, which will star Chris Pratt alongside Bryce Dallas Howard.

The movie is also slated to include some famous cast members from the original 1990s Jurassic Park series, like Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum.

It was already confirmed that the latest Jurassic World flick would be filming around downtown Vancouver this month and next, so it seems more than likely that the shooting taking place in Cathedral Grove at the moment is in fact connected to the massive franchise.

Moviegoers will just have to wait until the feature film's release next year to see if they can pick out any Canadian settings. In the meantime, dino fans can take part in a live tour of Jurassic World in select Canadian cities this summer.

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