fernie water skiing

Someone in a speedo was seen waterskiing down a slushy street in Canada

A Canadian man was caught casually water skiing through the streets on Saturday β€” and he was wearing nothing but a Speedo.

Lisa Vincent managed to capture the hilarious event on video from her home in Fernie, British Columbia.

In the video, a black four-wheel car drives through the slushy snow, towing a man wearing a pair of skis behind it.

The video has already recieved 380k+ views.

Fernie was about 7Β°C at the time β€” warm for February in B.C., but still cold enough to make water skiing in a Speedo pretty darn impressive.

This Vancouver man was ready to ask for an autograph.

And this English man realized just how seriously Canadians take winter skiing.

Nobody has identified the mystery water skier yet.

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