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People in Canada are singing coronaoke while self-isolating and it's so cute

With bars and music venues shutting across the country, people in Canada are creating a new type of musical entertainment while self-isolating: coronaoke.

The Coronaoke Facebook Group now has close to 8,000 members, with more Canadians joining hourly.

The group is filled with dozens of sweet videos shot from people's homes, featuring everything from impromptu family sing-alongs, impressive ballads, and silly performances.

Speaking with a Surrey-based publication, Founder and Chilliwack local Bradley Gionet said that it was a viral video of an Italian singer that sparked the idea for the group.

"I was watching these beautiful singers in Italy," he said. "As I watched my friends, colleagues, and family enter into isolation, I realized we needed a pick-me-up."

Gionet says that he has yet to see "a single negative comment" on any of the posts, adding that the videos have led to "joyful moments" for members across the world.

Music seems to be a source of light for many Canadians during these difficult times.

Hundreds of Montreal locals flocked to their balconies to sing Leonard Cohen's "So Long, Marianne" on Sunday evening. Similarly, a Toronto opera singer has been treating their neighbours to regular performances from their balcony.

We might all be in self-isolation, but in some ways, Canadians have never been so connected.

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