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Montreal just sang Leonard Cohen from their balconies and here's what it sounded like

Montreal took inspiration from Italy tonight when residents sang the Leonard Cohen classic So Long, Marianne from their balconies. Many recorded their efforts and posted videos to social media.

The initiative started when local music festival POP Montreal and URSA, a community space founded by singer and songwriter Martha Wainwright, posted the event on Facebook.

Thousands of people expressed interest in the event and it gained momentum throughout the day as word spread.

Some videos were posted by individuals who sang by themselves.

While others were families of parents and kids.

Martha Wainwright herself live streamed her version of the song on Facebook.

Not everyone in the city participated. Some reported they were the only ones singing in their entire neighbourhood.

For some, the sounds of Montrealers coming together together as they practice social distancing brought tears to their eyes.

We don't know what's going to happen in the weeks and months to come in Canada as we social distance in an effort to fight COVID-19 but it's moments like this that Montrealers and Canadians will no doubt remember.

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