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People are now putting together coronavirus playlists for those in self-isolation

Looking for a coronavirus playlist? 

If you're practicing social distancing the way government and public officials have continuously advised, then you're probably starting to go a little stir crazy. 

There's only so much you can binge watch, eat and read before your brain starts turning to mush, but sometimes it helps to get creative — and that's exactly what many social media users are doing as they create and share curated coronavirus playlists. 

Many have taken to social media in the past few days to ask their followers what songs instantly put them in a good mood in order to make uplifting playlists for those who are self-isolating or in self-quarantine. 

Actor Rita Wilson — who is self-quarantining alongside her husband Tom Hanks after they were both diagnosed with COVID-19 — is one such person. 

Others have also made themed Spotify playlists for the occasion with appropriately-titled songs such as U Can't Touch This and We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow

Twitter users from all over are compiling lists of songs — both new and old — whose titles apply to the current situation in some way, and it's certainly giving those who come across them a good laugh. 

Some are also sharing songs that have choruses that are roughly 20 seconds long, as that's the recommended amount of time for washing your hands effectively during the COVID-19 outbreak (and beyond).

So while you'll likely be stuck within the confines of your home for the next few days, weeks and possibly months, at least you'll have some great, coronavirus-themed music to help you pass the time.

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Austin Distel

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