Someone designed a comic book to honour frontline workers in Canada

People across the country have been doing what they can to acknowledge, thank and honour the frontline workers risking their lives to serve the Canadian public, including by creating comics that portray workers as superheroes.

The art initiative is called #wefighttogether, and it features a gallery of comic-style images that show healthcare workers, grocery store employees and firefighters as modern-day heroes fighting against the virus.

"We are a group of passionate Canadians that love comics and are working together to bring our skills and experience to bear on the most important issue our world has ever had to deal with in the Modern Age. We can only win," their website states.

"Our hope is to drive morale and emotional support to all frontline workers that are sacrificing so much for the rest of us. Everyday we stay home to protect others - we need to make sure those helping us know we are there for them."

The images can be downloaded and shared across all devices and platforms, and there are even black and white versions of the graphics so kids can colour them in. 

The organizers of the movement are also accepting appropriate images for submission so they can post them in their image gallery for all to see. They say they'll be loading in new images often and posting any appropriate images submitted to support frontline workers.

They've even launched a lesson plan to help teachers who are working remotely, which "highlights the contributions of our frontline workers while at the same time allows the students to get involved and reach out to recognize their efforts and sacrifice."

The new initiative has been shared by supporters on social media since it launched on April 20, including by Toronto Mayor John Tory earlier today

"Inspired by @WeFight2gether’s campaign to uplift our heroes working on the frontlines to combat #COVID19," he wrote, "while also reminding everyone that if #WeFightTogether, we will defeat this virus and come out of this stronger than ever."

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