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Someone organized a virtual choir of 150 people in cities across Canada and the world

What happens when you bring Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and 150 people from across the world in quarantine together? Project Choir-antine

A new rendition of the classic Carey-Houston duo When You Believe has just hit the Internet, and it's giving us a big dose of feel-goods amidst the quarantine doldrums. 

The Youtube video, initiated by brother-and-sister Mikey Jose, 23, and Tricia Jose, 28, brings 150 strangers currently stuck at home due to COVID-19 together in perfect harmony. 

"We'd seen the vidoes of people singing on their balconies in Italy and we thought, 'Maybe we can do something to bring the community together,'" said Tricia, who lives in Toronto and works at RBC. 

Working together with her brother, who lives in Vancouver and attends UBC, the Joses put out a call online 10 days ago for submissions from singers from around the world. 

Coming from a musical family (Tricia, Mikey, and their parents have previously arranged a philanthropic musical called Right Here, Write Now! that raised $250,000 over five years), Mikey arranged parts for the strangers to sing.

In the end, they got 150 submissions from over 27 cities in Canada, the Philippines, and Australia. 

Within days, the video had been edited and uploaded, and gives some serious We Are The World vibes, minus Michael Jackson but still featuring some incredible vocalists and soloists. 

"It was a really quick turnaround, but amazing to see everyone come together," says Tricia. 

Project Choir-antine also encouraged participants and donors to raise $2,000 for Food Banks Canada and $1,000 for the B.C. Women's Health Foundation COVID-19 relief fund to support healthcare workers on the front lines in B.C. 

"That's the power of community and the power of singing," says Tricia. 

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Project Choir-antine

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