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These are the best memes from Justin Trudeau's speaking moistly moment

Canada's leader in this time of crisis, Justin Trudeau, managed to enter the word "moistly" into our coronavirus lexicon yesterday and we haven't stopped cringing since.

The Prime Minister used the term "speaking moistly" during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon with regards to wearing masks to protect others from potentially moist speech.

The result has been cannon fire of amazing memes that brought some fun to this otherwise challenging time.

Trudeau's daily pressers are typically pragmatic in nature, but this one was different.

Folks were reminded that, should you decide to speaking moistly, aim to stand at least two metres or a hockey stick apart.

Someone else decided that the moment was even worthy of its own Canadian Heritage Minute.

And we're all wondering when this will come out.

Then there's this.

There's been no shortage of ways people have been getting creative, like making a remix of Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" to include our dear PM.

Or making what might be the hottest jam of the pandemic.

Canadians have adopted the term and made it their own.

And found create ways to incorporate it into their self-quarantine hobbies.

One of Trudeau's daily pressers also inspired someone to create a LEGO version recently. With any luck, we'll be blessed with more iconic moments.

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