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Line dancing is making a comeback in Canada because of social distancing

While many Canadians have spent years wondering what exactly the point was of learning line dancing in high school gym class, others have discovered that it's the perfect style of dance for social distancing.

Line dancing — which became popular in the 1970s and is often practiced in country-western dance bars — is a style of dance that requires groups of people to stand and dance in rows facing the same direction without ever making physical contact.

In other words, it was basically made for the era of social distancing. 

People in Canada have begun to discover this, and it seems the dance genre is already making a comeback thanks to its practicality. 

In Toronto, for example, one woman has been leading outdoor line dancing classes for members of her neighbourhood daily. 

And in Newfoundland, a group of people put on an outdoor show for residents of a seniors' home, and the performance included a musical concert as well as, of course, line dancing. 

Back in April, Calgary Police even caught footage of officers doing a line dance with a number of community members. 

This video, also captured in Calgary, shows residents engaging in a socially-distanced line dance behind Gulf Canada Square. 

And the activity isn't just uplifting, it's also a great way to get exercise while gyms and exercise centres remain closed across the country. 

The activity also provides the joy of working out in a group setting while ensuring that people stay physically apart. 

Some are even hypothesizing that night clubs will likely adopt a similar practice in order to ensure some social distancing once they begin to reopen. 

So while some of you may have rolled your eyes at the idea of line dancing in a pre-pandemic world, who knows — it just might become the signature dance of 2020. 

Lead photo by

Calgary Police

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