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Sneaker fans in Canada are really mad at Nike's SNKRS site

Nike's SNKRS app has Canadian sneakerheads fuming for multiple reasons— the most pressing one being that the app has yet to launch in Canada. 

The platform, essentially a sneaker lottery app that launched in 2015, gives people the chance to buy limited-edition shoes. 

The concept is pretty ridiculous, even for the most dedicated sneakerheads, but is an especially painful process for those living in Canada, where people have to go through Nike Canada's SNKRS website rather than applying through an app. 

A recently upsetting drop was the Chunky Dunky: a collaboration between Nike and ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's valued at $1,600: which was released Tuesday morning. 

A resulting chorus of failed applicants has brought SNKRS to the forefront of Canadian Twitter once again, with despair fuelling complaints launched at Nike for its failures north of the border. 

Getting timed out while on the site has been described as "demoralizing", and constant site crashes has broken countless hearts. 

Evidently people are fed up: after years of trying to get their hands on the latest exclusives, the least Nike could do is give us a proper phone app. 

There's even now a petition demanding that SNKRS' Canadian website change their releases from LEO (which gives everyone 2 minutes to enter a mini raffle, with entries divided into small groups) to a DAN release (which allows 10-30 minutes to enter, with entrants selected randomly). 

Now, Nike's collab with Travis Scott is completely unavailable, and the devastation that's followed the selling out of the Cactus Trails lends itself to bigger questions: exactly how many people are trying for these shoes? Thousands? Millions? 

Nike for god's sake we need answers, or at least an app. 

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