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Sandra Oh just slayed a game of Is This Canadian and you can't beat her score

National treasure Sandra Oh just made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's web series, and the American host challenged her to a game of "Is This Canadian?"

Kimmel asked her if five objects were invented in Canada: the Zamboni machine, the Hawaiian pizza, flannel, the California roll, and peanut butter.

Naturally, Oh made us proud: the Ontari0-born actress managed to get every single answer correct, which is pretty impressive considering that some of the answers are surprising.

Before you click on the video, see if you can match her perfect score — because honestly, you probably can't (note: the game starts at 3:45).

The answers?

Canada invented the Hawaiian pizza, the California roll and peanut butter — but not the Zamboni or flannel.

Like a boss, Sandra Oh also wore a very Canadian shirt on the show, which featured David Suzuki: the famous academic that hosted CBC's long-running show The Nature of Things.

Keep flying the flag, Sandra Oh.

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Sandra Oh

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