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William Shatner just slammed Lethbridge police over the viral Stormtrooper arrest

Canadian actor William Shatner is not impressed with police in Lethbridge, Alberta after they arrested a woman dressed as a Stormtrooper on May 4, and he's not being shy about it.

Lethbridge police arrested the woman, who was dressed up for Star Wars Day, after receiving multiple complaints of a firearm. Although police say that no charges were filed, the employee suffered a bloody nose after they pushed her to the ground and put her in handcuffs.

On Wednesday, the Captain Kirk actor took to Twitter to boldly go where no man has gone before and publicly express his disapproval of the Lethbridge Police Service.

He wrote, "Captain's Log Stardate 49: Sending my contempt this morning to the @lethpolice of Alberta, Canada & @LPSChief1. Rifles drawn for a plastic toy Cosplayer? Didn't comply right away? Are you blind Chief? Watch the video to see how quickly she complied. This cannot be covered up."

Shatner was also quick to defend the Stormtrooper from people that pointed out she was carrying a toy gun.

"Did you see the gun?" he wrote. "Also when she's on her knees and the officer has his rifle ready to shoot; he is a mere few feet from the gun. If he couldn't see it was a toy he should retire, yet they continued and slammed her to the ground and bloodied her nose."

And Shatner was just getting started. He did a deep dive into the Lethbridge police, pulling up a disturbing video from January 2019 that shows a police officer repeatedly running over a deer.

"Apparently the @lethpolice have a history of in humane & violent acts on innocents and their investigations cast a blind eye to video evidence," the actor wrote.

Shatner finished by clapping back at someone that suggested the Stormtrooper incident could be a result of the police having pre-existing mental health conditions.

He wrote, "And running over a deer a number of times to kill it by a member of the same department is not indicative of a cognitive problem? The video shows it but internal investigations found no issues? You advocate we need to keep quiet because...???? There is a problem in that Dept."

Shatner famously dressed up in a Stormtrooper costume at the 2015 Country Music Awards, delighting the audience by singing a rendition of "Girl Crush" — so admittedly, he probably has more insight into what a plastic Stormtrooper gun looks like than the rest of us.

Lethbridge Police have launched a service investigation into the actions of officers on the scene. Officers will provide an update to the public once the investigation is complete.

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