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Cineplex is about to reopen movie theatres but people don't like the face mask policy

As cinemas in Canada prepare to reopen in the coming days, moviegoers can expect things to be quite different when they are finally able to grab some buttery popcorn and catch a flick on the big screen after months of closures.

But many Canadians are not too happy about the protocols (or lack thereof) that theatre chains like Cineplex have in store for when they open their doors later this week.

While health officials nationwide have been advocating for citizens to use of some type of face covering when proper social distancing may not be possible, the Canadian movie theatre giant will not be among the many businesses mandating that masks be worn on the premises of their 165 locations.

Though Cineplex employees will indeed have to wear face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) while on the job, customers can choose not to. The same rule goes for Landmark Cinemas across the country.

Though Cineplex will be disinfecting its seats, staggering showtimes to avoid crowding, implementing reserved seating for all films and spacing out lines and cash registers, many feel that these measures are not enough and that making masks compulsory is an easy step to keep people safe.

Movie buffs have taken to social media to express their disappointment in the company's decision, with many vowing to boycott the chain unless the policy changes.

Competitors like Regal Theatres and AMC south of the border will be requiring movie-goers to wear face coverings for the health of all guests and staff, while drive-in theatres — which are making a comeback amid the pandemic — continue to offer an inherently safe, socially distanced experience.

Masks have been a bit of a contentious issue these days, with many noticing that fewer and fewer people seem to be taking the basic protective measure while out and about as fear of the virus, for some, seems to wane.

With pressure mounting, there's no way to know whether Cineplex will change its rules on masks, though it insists it is following the advice of health officials.

We will have to sit tight until later this week to see how many members of the movie-going public end up opting to wear masks, or opting to avoid the risk of attending a showing altogether.

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