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Canadian actor Ellen Page joins anti-racism protests

Ellen Page, one of the most influential Canadian voices in social justice, is known for standing up against issues like racism and indigenous discrimination. 

Galvanized by the death of George Floyd, the Juno star has taken to the streets of New York in support of Black Lives Matter protests. 

The 33-year-old actress could be heard chanting along with the crowd in a video which she shared from a march on June 3. 

Page also joined in on a large protest held in Manhattan's Times Square earlier in the week.

The Halifax born star has been posting information about upcoming  protests on her social media pages in an effort to inform the public about how they can participate. 

Page's directorial debut There's Something in the Water has been streaming on Netflix Canada since March.

The movie examines the issue of environmental racism in Nova Scotia, where Black Canadians and First Nations have suffered due to pollutants and landfills. 

Speaking about how she uses her privilege as a tool for helping others, Page told i.D., “The level of privilege I have is significant, and so much of that comes from my whiteness. The reality is that, with that privilege I have, this is absolutely what I should be doing. I knew we had to connect with the leaders of the movement - the ones we should all be listening to - and keeping myself in the back seat.”

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