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Etalk reporter Lainey Lui called out for racist remarks after denouncing Jessica Mulroney

Etalk reporter Elaine "Lainey" Lui has said that she "must be called out" and " be prepared to face the consequences" after racist and body-shaming comments that she made in the past resurfaced online.

In a post penned by Lui in 2006, the celebrity gossip writer referred to pop star Janet Jackson as "ghetto"— a racist term, which has been used to describe Black people. 

Lui also commented on the singer's body shape, hair and nose in a post titled "Worst Ghetto Tits: Janet Jackson."

The backlash follows after last week's widespread condemnation of TV star Jessica Mulroney after she used her white privilege to threaten Canadian influencer Sasha Exeter

After a private social media spat, Mulroney told Exeter that she would be advising brands not to work with her. 

The scandal resulted in Mulroney's I Do Redo wedding show being dropped from CTV.

As the story was unfolding, Lui claimed staff at the station were fearful that they were being added to a "list" of people who showed support for Exeter.

In a post on Lainey Gossip, she wrote: "The Toronto arts and media circle is pretty small so you hear things. People are afraid of retribution. I am afraid of retribution – and I guess I've just made it worse with this post."

The TV personality continued: "Many of us 'liked' Sasha Exeter's post last week and we're pretty sure that the Mulroneys are keeping track of them."

Lui claimed that "at least one mildly threatening email" was sent out from the Mulroney camp to someone who 'liked' Exeter's post.

Yesterday it was announced that Jessica's husband Ben Mulroney decided to step down as a host on etalk in order to make space for more diversity on the team. 

Today some people are calling for Lui to do the same. 

Lui has taken to her blog to apologize for her remarks, insisting that she "must be held accountable."

"So in this moment, as power structures are being challenged, those of us who have been complicit and complacent in upholding those power structures must be called out. I must be called out," she said. 

"I must be prepared to face the consequences. This is what the movement towards equality and justice is all about – for people to be held accountable. I must hold myself accountable and you should hold me accountable too."

In a follow-up article written on Tuesday, June 23, Lui once again apologized for offensive comments she made in the past. 

She added: "I am sorry for the offensive posts of the past that were racist, misogynistic, transphobic. At the same time, without the work, what does the apology mean? There’s no checking out here."

"Even though the work in the 2000s was hurtful and harmful, we’ve also done some great work since in acknowledging blindspots and shortcomings, confronting unconscious bias, and advocating for change. I can do better still and I’m happy you’re here to join me. Once again, I’m sorry." 

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