happy father's day

Here's how the famous dads of Canada celebrated Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Canada!

Whether you're a hard-working dad, a proud son or daughter, or a someone who simply appreciates the strong male role models in your life, this is a holiday to be celebrated widely — one that, this year, can serve as a bright spot in what's been an otherwise dark few months.

Here's how some of Canada's most famous and iconic residents who also happen to be fathers celebrated their special day.

Justin Trudeau

Canada's Prime Minister shared a photo of himself with his children, Ella-Grace, Hadrien and Xavier, writing "there's never a dull moment when these three are around... and I wouldn't change that for the world. To all the dads out there who know what I mean, happy Father's Day!"


Champagne Papi gave the world another gorgeous photo of his toddler son, Adonis — the first shots of whom were only made public at the end of March. "Happy Fathers Day to all the real g'z handling business," wrote the Grammy-winning Canadian rapper.

Michael J. Fox

Iconic Canadian actor Michael J. Fox shared a family photo this Father's Day featuring himself, wife Tracy Pollan and his four kids. "Lucky dad," wrote the Back To The Future and Teen Wolf star in the caption of his Instagram post.

Wayne Gretzky

The Great One shared a touching long-distance tribute to his 81-year-old father Walter on Twitter, while his kids wished the Canadian hockey legend a Happy Father's Day with sweet video messages of their own on Instagram.

Russell Peters

Canadian comedy star and father of two Russell Peters shared a clip from one of his sets in which he can be seen sneaking away, with the words "When they expect you to BBQ on Father's Day" emblazoned across the top. "Happy Fathers Day... don't get caught in the trap!" wrote the comic in the caption of his post.

David Suzuki

Accomplished broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki, who has five kids, refrained from posting anything about Father's Day, choosing instead to highlight National Indigenous Peoples Day (as did actor and dad Ryan Reynolds through his Instagram Stories.)

Ron James

The influential and revered Canadian stand-up comic Ron James shared a wicked vintage photo of his own late dad as a youngster with the caption "Bernie James 'riding the range' in 1940. Happy Fathers Day buddy. Miss you so much. 1932-2017."

Dennis Graham

While not a household name in his own right, Drake's father recently posted a photo of what might be the greatest early Father's Day gift to us all: A side-by-side face-swapped illustration of Drake and Adonis by the artist Sketch.

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