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People are divided over whether CTV should fire Lainey Lui for racist posts

Lainey Lui has come under fire recently after a number of racist and homophobic comments that the CTV eTalk anchor made on her blog circa 2006 resurfaced online.

Lui has since apologized for the blog posts while speaking with her co-hosts on The Social, calling the posts "ugly" and "shameful."

"Those old posts sit on the site to show people who I was, how ugly that was," Lui said, adding that she "must be prepared to face the consequences" for her actions.

The Toronto-born reporter's apology has been met with mixed reactions so far, prompting both applause and derision for Lui on social media.

Some people are thanking Lui for acknowledging the hurtful remarks that she's made in past, saying that it shows personal growth.

"Long-time reader here," one person wrote. "I've seen your growth over the years, and appreciate that you have taught me more than a thing or two. Standing with you in eating the food, and committed to continued growth and learning."

"I wondered when this day would come (I'm sure you saw it coming too) — but anyone who's read you for 10+ years can see you've grown, and not just in the last few months," another person wrote. "I've seen you elevate diverse voices on your platform and openly question your own judgements and biases."

Other people are less impressed with the eTalk host's apology, particularly because Lui recently denounced Canadian TV personality Jessica Mulroney for using her privileged position to intimidate a Black influencer.

"Why did [Lui] make a point and go off on someone else when she had her own issues abort [sic] racism?" one person wrote. "No one is perfect for sure. Both Jessica M and Lainey are in the wrong and they both should receive repercussions."

"You wrote an anti-[B]lack blog," another person wrote. "Resign!"

CTV swiftly removed Jessica Mulroney's show from their programming following her comments, and her husband, Ben Mulroney (also Lui's colleague of 15 years), resigned from eTalk shortly afterwards.

The Canadian news giant has yet to reprimand Lui, however, sparking outraged accusations that CTV is favouring Lui over the Mulroneys despite what appears to be similar anti-Black behaviour.

Lui clarified in a blog post that operates independently from CTV and its parent company Bell Media.

"CTV has no say over what I post here," Lui wrote. "I do not have to clear anything through them, and I have not cleared this post through them."

" was founded prior to my joining Etalk and I wanted to retain control over what I built," she added. "Because both CTV and I have been very clear and respectful of my autonomy at, I've been able to write what I want, even if it involves celebrities that Etalk might have a relationship with."

Nevertheless, some people believe that Lui's comments on her blog cannot be separated from her role as a CTV co-anchor.

CTV has not commented on Lui's blog posts from 2006, although The Social — CTV's daytime chat show — shared Lui's apology to their Twitter account.

"Accountability is not temporary. It's ongoing," the caption reads, quoting Lui. "So, I'm here today to be accountable."

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