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Lainey Lui issues apology on The Social over racist posts

Lainey Lui has publicly apologized for racist and homophobic comments she made in post published on her gossip blog back in the 200s. 

Sitting down to discuss the matter with her fellow co-hosts on The Social, Lui admitted that the content was "racist," "misogynistic," "homophobic" and "transphobic."

"They were ugly, they were shameful," she said of the posts, before telling viewers “I am so sorry.”

The eTalk host insisted that her gossip blog has come a log way since the early days of the site, when toxic celebrity culture was more accepted. 

Lui also explained her decision not to delete the posts, claiming that she kept them there to hold herself accountable

She continued: “Those old posts sit on the site to show people who I was, how ugly that was, and to also show that over time I grew and I would address those old posts in the growing, point to them consistently and say, 'Hey, this is what I was, look at me, and here I am, this is what I’m trying to do.'"

The televised apology follows a series of written posts in which Lui expressed remorse for her wrongdoing. 

"I must be prepared to face the consequences. This is what the movement towards equality and justice is all about – for people to be held accountable. I must hold myself accountable and you should hold me accountable too," she wrote. 

Earlier this week, Lui's eTalk co-star Ben Mulroney stepped down from his role as a host on the show after 16 years. The move came following CTV's decision to drop his wife Jessica, who had been involved in an online spat with Black influencer Sasha Exeter.

Lui had previously called out Jessica over the feud, in which the I Do Redo host allegedly used her white privilege to threaten Exeter.

"She flexed her Meghan Markle friendship, half-assed her apology, and then, once again, threatened her with a ‘liable suit.’ Wrong and strong is terrifying. White privilege is terrifying – it terrified Sasha and it terrifies so many others. Still," wrote Lui.

Some people are now suggesting that Lui should also be dropped by CTV, claiming that her actions were just as wrong as Jessica's.

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