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Sasha Exeter breaks long silence on Instagram since Jessica Mulroney controversy

The Canadian influencer who went viral after an online feud with Jessica Mulroney has shared her first social media post since the controversy kicked off two weeks ago. 

Sasha Exeter posted a picture of her young daughter and niece, telling fans how she desperately wants to "protect them from a world that is not always kind."

The Toronto-based social media star also said that she wants to teach her daughter to understand that "Black is beautiful."

Exeter hit headlines after sharing a series of messages which allegedly showed Mulroney threatening to sue her.

She claimed that the TV presenter took offence to a post in which she called on other influencers to promote the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd

The scandal ultimately resulted in Mulroney's I Do Redo wedding show being dropped by CTV.

⁣Breaking her social media silence, Exeter said: "So much love in this photo. So much innocence. Purity. It’s almost as disarming as their beauty. As a mother (and aunt), I want so badly to protect them and their innocence. To shield them from a world that can be...well, you know...not kind sometimes."

She added: "I want to raise a daughter who knows herself because she knows where she came from. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin because she understands and knows black is beautiful. But most importantly, I want her to forever have these innocent eyes and bright smile as she navigates the world."

Taking to Instagram Stories last week,  Exeter revealed that she had been receiving death threats from nasty online trolls.

"I was totally prepared to be bullied and I knew I was opening myself up to being criticized by people who don't really understand why I did what I did, but let me make clear that any threats to my personal safety will not be tolerated," she stated in a video message.

Meanwhile, Jessica's husband Ben Mulroney stepped down from his role as a presenter on eTalk this week. 

The host of sixteen years said that he wanted to open up the position in an effort to improve diversity on the show. 

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