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Sasha Exeter says she's been getting death threats from trolls over Jessica Mulroney

Sasha Exeter says she is receiving death threats and other vicious attacks online after she called out Jessica Mulroney for using her white privilege against her. 

Sasha Exeter took to Instagram Stories last night to discuss the "disturbing" messages that have been filling up her inbox. 

Telling fans that she had been up since 4 a.m. responding to the messages, the Canadian influencer explained: "I was totally prepared to be bullied and I knew I was opening myself up to being criticized by people who don't really understand why I did what I did, but let me make clear that any threats to my personal safety will not be tolerated."

Revealing that some of the comments on her posts have been getting "quite vicious," the single mom added: "A lot of the comments have now left Instagram and gone over to my email. So this entire weekend I've been responding to the disturbing emails I've been getting."

The Toronto-based influencer also thanked followers for the supportive messages that they have been sending her throughout this challenging time.

Last week, Mulroney was fired from her presenting role with CTV after Exeter shared messages which showed the TV host allegedly threatening to sue her. 

The row between the pair began after Mulroney took offence to an Instagram post in which Exeter called on her fellow influencers to do more around the issue of Black Lives Matter. 

Exeter claims that the argument resulted in Mulroney threatening to turn companies and brands against her.

Mulrone later issued a statement of apology and clarified that she would not be taking any legal action on the matter.

Fans of Exeter have been taking to Twitter to stand behind her in light of the recent trolling. 

Some fans have asked trolls to remember that #BlackVoicesMatter and deserve to be heard.

Elsewhere, Elaine Lui, who co-hosts Etalk with Mulroney's husband Ben, has claimed that staff at the station are fearful that they are being added to a "list" of people who showed support for Exeter.

In a post on Lainey Gossip, Lui's gossip blog, she wrote: "The Toronto arts and media circle is pretty small so you hear things. People are afraid of retribution. I am afraid of retribution – and I guess I've just made it worse with this post."

The TV personality continued: "Many of us 'liked' Sasha Exeter's post last week and we're pretty sure that the Mulroneys are keeping track of them."

Lui claimed that "at least one mildly threatening email" was sent out from the Mulroney camp to someone who 'liked' Exeter's post.

She added: "It was an email that sent a message and this is the way the message was received and internalized: you're on watch, so you should think about whose side you're on."

Lui also alleged that Mulroney's close friendship with Meghan Markle was her "superpower." The stylist served as bridesmaid at Markle's wedding to Prince Harry back in 2018.

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