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Canada's favourite astronaut wants you to wear a mask and he made a sly joke about it

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is politely asking all Canadians to wear their face masks, and he even made a hilarious Star Trek joke on Wednesday to get his point across.

The Canadian astronaut took to Twitter to post a picture of Captain Kirk, Spock, Mccoy and O'Herlihy from the original Star Trek series.

"Wear a mask, please," he wrote. "Live long and prosper."

Naturally, Canadians were quick to pick up on the fact that O'Herlihy is the only person in the photo that isn't wearing a mask, a cheeky reference to the fact that the red-shirted security personnel frequently die in Star Trek episodes.

"H[i]larious because the new guy in red was always dead before the end of the show," one person wrote.

"The guy in the red shirt is doomed, vaporized man walking," another person added.

"Don't be a redshirt! Wear a mask," yet another person said.

Hadfield — who captained the International Space Station in 2012 and 2013, becoming the first Canadian to do so — also gave Canadians advice in March on how to deal with prolonged isolation.

"Start doing things," he told CTV News. "They don't always have to be the things that you always did before. Take care of family, start a new project, learn to play guitar, write, create. It's a chance to do something different."

You heard the Commander; put your face masks on, Canada.

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Chris Hadfield

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