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Ryan Reynolds orders expensive Buckingham Palace gin and pays for it in loonies

Ryan Reynolds knows exactly how to deal with his competition. 

The Aviation American Gin owner hilariously trolled Buckingham Palace after they announced the launch of a rival high-class liquor. 

Earlier this week, the royal residence revealed that it has created a premium small-batch London dry gin using leaves found at the back of the palace. 

After pre-ordering a sample of the rival drink, Reynolds shared a photograph of his comical order form on Instagram. 


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Despite retailing for around $68 per bottle, the Deadpool actor stated that he would be making his payment in "loonies."

Illustrating his disapproval further, Reynolds stated that the order should be billed to an address at:

"1 Upsmanship Much Dr,

Notcoolington, WTF FML,

United Kingdom."

With "Royal Space Force" chosen as the preferred shipping method, the form declares that the gin should be delivered to Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney at:

"221B Baker Street,

Downton Abbey Road."

"We couldn't find a faster shipping option?" joked Aviation Gin in a comment underneath the post. 

While facing competition from hot new rivals is never easy, Reynolds should bear it in mind that proceeds from the Buckingham Palace brew will go toward the care and conservation of the royal art collection, making up for a big loss in tourism revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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