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CTV host attacked by huge fly during live TV segment

An unsuspecting news anchor was the victim of a fly attack while reading the daily headlines this morning. 

Your Morning host Lindsey Deluce was giving viewers an update on the situation between Canada and Hong Kong when she was interrupted by a bug who seemingly wanted to be on camera. 

"I gotta stop... There's a fly flying around my head," cried Deluce, as she tried to swat the pesky spotlight-stealer out of her hair.

"I will get get back to that in just a second, but do you see what's happening?" she said, turning to "Your Morning" host Ben Mulroney for help.

Mulroney quickly came to the rescue, slapping the fly away from his fellow broadcaster's head. 

"What is happening?" laughed Deluce, before musing that the strange incident must be another product of "2020."

Viewers later took to Twitter to make sure that Deluce was A-OK after the fly "attack". 

"OMG It looked really big. Hope he didn't get you," said one concerned fan. 

Other viewers wanted to know whether the insect was actually something bigger. 

The news reader assured fans that it was indeed a fly, despite it looking a lot larger on screen. 

It seems that the camera really does add 10 pounds!

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