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Netflix reveals how the Umbrella Academy was filmed in Hamilton

If you're an avid watcher of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy, you might already know that the show's filming is split between Hamilton and Toronto. In fact, you might even recognize some of your favourite local hot spots featured in the show.

However, part of season two of the show takes place in 1960s Dallas, Texas and a lot of work went into to making sure the "Steel Town" truly looked like Dallas would have back in the day.

In a Twitter thread on Wednesday, Netflix Canada revealed exactly how it transformed Hamilton, starting with securing two city blocks on Ottawa Street. 

One of the more daunting tasks was asking local businesses if they could mess with the store's appearance, including putting holes through the walls.

The production crew even focused on tiny details like the colour of the local fire hydrants, which in 1960s Dallas, would have been green or silver.

This wasn't so easy, though, as the city had safety concerns to think about. 

"Due to safety concerns regarding the fire hydrant's colours, The Umbrella Academy crew would paint the hydrants on Ottawa Street twice per day -- once for filming, and once to revert back to Hamilton colours at night," they wrote in a tweet.

Besides completely changing the look of Ottawa Street, the crew also needed to grow a cornfield for a specific scene with lead character Vanya. To do this, they actually recruited a local farmer outside Toronto instead of using CGI. 

"Local farmer Chris Burkholder hosts location filming on his farms outside Toronto and was asked to grow an acre cornfield (~34 thousand stalks)," they wrote. "Production was worried the corn wouldn’t grow in time, especially when they came to survey the land and it had just started to sprout."

They went on to say that in just one short month, though, the corn grew over 12 feet tall and they had the perfect cornfield.

The Umbrella Academy is a superhero series, based on comic books of the same name, which follows a family of adopted superheros who reunite to solve the mystery surrounding their father's death.

Season two of the show was just released on the streaming service on July 31.

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Christos Kalohoridis / Netflix

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