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These are the TV shows that only Canadian kids will know

Canadian kids loved their TV shows. Remember rushing home from school to watch 6teen? Or wishing that your toys would come to life after watching The Toy Castle?

Here are 12 television shows made in Canada that will get every 90s kid feeling nostalgic.

Mr. Dress-Up

If you said the words "tickle trunk" to anyone outside of Canada, they would probably think you were insane. But Canadian kids get it.

The Toy Castle

This show about toys magically coming to life at night simultaneously scarred and delighted a generation of Canadians. If Cirque du Soleil and The Nutcracker had a baby, it would be The Toy Castle.

The Big Comfy Couch

Loonette and Molly taught thousands of Canadianย kids how to do the "Ten Second Tidy," and honestly, most of us are still doing it today โ€” usually after a messy night of drinking.

Mystery Hunters

If you're obsessed with true crime podcasts now, chances are that you watched this terrifying series about two teenage hosts in Canada investigating paranormal crimes.


Who didn't want to join this gang of sixteen-year-old friends who chilled in a gigantic shopping mall? From getting your first job to navigating crushes, this show really had it all.

Life with Derek

This Canadian sitcom forced hundreds of kids to question theirย sanity when it became clear that all of us wanted the two step-siblings, Derek and Casey, to get together. No, really. It's a thing.

Seven Little Monsters

This oddly charming television show about seven monsters with unique abilities captivated Canadian children across the country. Also, the theme song was performed by the Barenaked Ladies โ€” it doesn't get more Canadian than that.

Theodore Tugboat

This wholesome television show about a tugboat and his friends was the utopia that all Canadian children needed. Sadly, Theodore is now up for sale in Nova Scotia โ€” but his memory lives on.


This charming Canadian show about a young turtle that could "count by twos, and tie his shoes" will stay with people forever. You're probably humming the theme song in your head right now.


In retrospect, this Canadian children's TV show was steeped in political intrigue. Even Game of Thrones would be impressed by a show about a family of royal elephants that covers an assassination and a marriage between cousins in the first few episodes.


This TV show about an imaginative young boy was actually met with some backlash; little did Canadian children know that their parents were desperately trying to get this show off the air for the majority of their childhood.

Americans are probably aware of this TV show,ย since it later aired on PBS, but it's a Canadian show at heart.

Max & Ruby

Any older sister could relate to the long-suffering Ruby, a bunny that had to clean up after her rambunctious younger brother, Max. None of us ever questioned why their parents never seemed to be around.

Like Caillou, this show aired in the U.S. later, so most Americans are aware that it exists โ€” but Canadians got to experience the magical two bunnies first.

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