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Lifetime is filming its first-ever LGBTQ movie in Canada

Welcome to the twenty-first century, Lifetime; the American network is officially shooting its first LGBTQ+ movie in history, and it's filming right here in Canada.

The Christmas Set Up follows Hugo, a New York corporate lawyer, as he returns home to spend the holidays with his mother, Kate, who slyly sets Hugo up with his high school crush Patrick.

This won't be the first movie that Lifetime has released with LGBTQ+ representation.

Last year, the network released Twinkle All the Way, which featured an on-screen, same-sex kiss between couple Lex and Danny (Brian Sills and Mark Ghanimé).

However, The Christmas Set Up marks Lifetime's first movie with an LGBTQ+ romance at the heart of it.

The movie is reportedly shooting in Ottawa, which will double as Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Most of the other details are being kept under wraps, although actress Fran Drescher (star of The Nanny) shared a little teaser on Instagram of some behind-the-scenes footage.

"In Canada shooting [Lifetime's] xmas movie and first LGBT rom com," she captioned the Sept. 2 post.

Lifetime's Christmas movie rival, Hallmark, has been called out for never including LGBTQ+ couples in their romance movies.

In fact, Hallmark faced an onslaught of backlash in December 2019 after pulling an advertisement for a wedding-planning website that showed a lesbian wedding.

Your move, Hallmark.

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Lifetime is filming its first-ever LGBTQ movie in Canada