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A Canadian daycare just switched to an entirely vegan menu

The plant-based food movement continues to gain steam in North America as more and more people grow aware of how high-meat diets affect their bodies and the environment.

One daycare in Moncton, New Brunswick, is so serious about reducing its carbon footprint and getting kids to eat sustainably that it is now serving 100 per cent vegan food to its clientele.

Margie's Early Learning Centre within the Moncton YWCA hosted an open house last Tuesday for the launch of its new, plant-based daycare menu.

"This bold endeavor is our way to lessen our negative impact on the environment and help save the planet for future generations!" reads a description for the event on Facebook.

"We pride ourselves in ensuring that we provide the best possible care for the children in our centre and this includes preparing healthy whole plant-based meals and snacks for them."

Guests were able to sample such meals and snacks from the new menu as shepherd's pie, mango lentil dal and creamy pasta. Overall, reception was good.

The idea of taking meat off the menu completely is raising some eyebrows in Moncton, however.

"I get that you're trying to be healthy and all, but kids need food from the food groups and the guidelines. I hope you're offering alternatives," commented one person on a post about the account.

"We are absolutely following the new Canadian Food Guide," replied the YWCA. "Thank you for your comment."

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