free fries at mcdonalds

McDonald's is giving away free fries everywhere in Canada except Quebec

The NBA season is officially underway, which means McDonald's is (thankfully) bringing back their Beyond the Arch offer. 

Last year, whenever the Raptors scored 12 or more 3-pointers during a game, McDonald's offered free fries to customers in Ontario the following day. 

This year, the promotion is back but it's changed a little. 

There's now a minimum purchase of $1, and the deal is open to all of Canada, not just Ontario. 

That is, all of Canada except Quebec. 

Ontario residents are particularly peeved by the fact that the deal now includes a minimum purchase. 

And while some are grateful the promotion has been extended to include other provinces, many are angry about the fact that Quebec is being excluded. 

Some are pointing out the fact that the Raptors are Canada’s basketball team, meaning they're Quebec's team too. 

Quebec does in fact have a similar promotion of their own. Whenever the Habs score first during a hockey game, residents of Quebec can claim a free order of medium fries. 

But many are saying the Habs deal doesn't make up for the Raptors one, and unfortunately this isn't the first time Quebec has been left out of a country-wide giveaway or contest. 

Companies are known to sometimes avoid Quebec when it comes to these things because of the requirement to advertise in french or because the Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux has different rules than other provinces

Still, Quebecers like their fries just as much as the next person, so it's no wonder they're unhappy about being left out of this delicious deal. 

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